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05 December 2009 @ 10:12 pm
Again... it's been a while since I last updated. Sorry to all of my friends who I neglect on here... :( I really use Facebook a lot more now. My username is the same there as it is here, so go ahead and check me there, I'll add you if you add me.

Let's see.. what's been up.
Well... not too much... didn't get to go and see Miyavi, which sucks :( I'm hoping he reschedules soon. What would be perfect would be Las Vegas in Feb, since my mom and I are going for a week (hopefully) She retires the end of this month, and has wanted to take a nice trip for a long time after she retires.

As for me, well, getting very very restless. What's new right? I'm planning to get done my current job next fall and move somewhere. Dunno where yet. Possibilities are Ithaca, Las Vegas, California, Albany, Burlington, North Carolina. So we'll see, I need to try to pay down some of my debt first right now. *sigh* damn credit cards.

I've had my ups and downs, as usual as well. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I'm a touch bi-polar, or if I really have PMDD or what. Cause sometimes, I'm great, ambitious, and right with the world. Othertimes, christ, feels like if it wasn't such a selfish act I'd slit my wrists -_-. Maybe I'm bi-polar *and* have PMDD lol. Who knows. At the moment things are somewhat okay though. Right now I'm keeping busy with planning my cookies for friends, and painting at ceramics.

I actually really like doing the ceramics thing, and could see myself selling things like that one day. It'd be easier to sell that than bakery items, a dream that's really starting to fade the more I get frustrated with it.
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